Introducing the BEAST Experiment by Battery Bro September 22 2015, 0 Comments

The BEAST 18650 battery in a new Battery Bro case.

Battery Bro was founded about a year ago with one intent - to fight against fake and dangerous batteries. Since then we have grown but kept this core value.

We’re quite content selling brand name cells and building custom battery packs. But there is always an unusually high number of emails that we get that go something like this:

“Hello Battery Bro, I want some 50A cells because they are the best.”


“I know 35A batteries are the best, and you are telling lies!”

The problem is, a really large group of people are skewed to the side of believing extreme amp numbers. There are a number of reasons for that:

  • Batteries are complicated
  • Things like this are expected to be regulated well
  • Batteries are not expected to be “faked”

But, it happens time and time again.

There really is only one way to solve this problem, and it’s not solely education. It’s a battery brand. So the first aspect of BEAST is that it is really the battery brand you can trust. All of our cells are checked for authenticity and grade. The chosen cells are curated as being the highest-tech and most reliable.

The BEAST vape battery in a mod. Behold the electric squid.

The Popeye Factor

We like to think of this as the Popeye factor. If Popeye were a robot he wouldn’t want spinach - he’d want BEAST batteries. Something he can always rely on, and something that is more powerful than anything else.

The second factor with BEAST where we thought it would be interesting to experiment in was with artwork.

No one has produced art batteries before. Batteries should look badass, just like all your other gear. There is no reason for a battery in a high-priced device to look like crap.


We are informed by Samsung, Panasonic, and LG on release schedules for new batteries. After they go through some months of testing in the real-world we decide if they should be wrapped by a BEAST or not.

BEAST batteries are first covered in a 3M adhesive sticker and then wrapped in a heat-shrink clear PVC. This is the Kraken-Z model, rated at 20A is a rewrapped Samsung 25R5. Note: no fake ratings. Ever.


We only use world-class artists. Like our first artist Frank, who has made artwork for games like Deus Ex and Star Wars.

The designs for all BEAST batteries after the Kraken (first model we make) will be voted upon via Reddit.

A special 3M paper is printed on which does not insulate heat at all. Normal printing paper would, so this is one big difference to emphasize. Our wraps will not make your batteries hotter than normal - whereas if you print one at home it will (by about 5 degrees Celsius).


At the heart of things, BEAST is still an experiment. We are making BEAST to solve a problem. There are really no gold standard vape batteries on the market. Everyone knows the brands that exaggerate their specs. They all look like crap, and are absurdly dangerous.

It’s hard not getting ripped off. We want BEAST to be the safe option. Just like Popeye’s spinach.

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