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Battery Bro is your secret weapon against fake and dangerous batteries.


Make Battery Bro your 18650 battery dealer today

We are an American team that launched in Hong Kong. Now we are spread out all over the world covering all time zones, and with dedicated workers in China and an R&D team in Europe.

Our lithium-ion batteries are used in:

  • Laptop and power-tool packs
  • Electric cars and electric bikes
  • Military equipment and medical devices
  • Home energy storage
  • IoT, Wireless sensors, irrigation equipment, and more...

abbout battery bro, anticounterfeit practices

***DANGER!!!*** We have found a significant amount of all lithium-based batteries for sale are fake and potentially dangerous. This includes those on Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, and from some of the best-known suppliers both in the West and in Asia.

  • Some suppliers will salvage old, damaged batteries from laptop packs and repackage them with new PVC tubing (Grade C).
  • Some repackage brand name cells, but grossly exaggerate mAh and discharge ratings.
  • Some purchase bare cells and sell them without the required PTC and other safety mechanisms (which is technically illegal in US).

There are even dozens of accounts of counterfeit batteries exploding in the hands of customers causing serious harm, property damage, and lawsuits. The market is so flooded with counterfeit batteries, that even honest suppliers have a very difficult time knowing how to tell the difference.

We created Battery Bro to solve the problem by doing one thing and doing it well. We only wholesale Grade A, authentic, lithium-ion batteries. In particular we focus almost exclusively on the cylindrical 18650 battery and more recently have expanded to other types like polymer and specialized custom battery packs.

Battery Bro values honest and open information, prices, and easy access to free expert advice. We have established direct relationships with factories throughout Asia to source the best information, highest-quality batteries, and best prices for our clientele. 

The rechargeable revolution will radically change our world in the next decade. Join us, and let's spark a revolution together.


Five reasons why you need Battery Bro

  • Stock the very best, authentic, tested, lithium-ion batteries. Our cells are cutting-edge and you never have to worry about fakes
  • Have the capacity to provide 1M+ batteries or more at a time with custom electrolyte additives and shapes
  • Are honest, transparent, and open
  • Provide engineering for custom battery packs, from sourcing the best PCB, IC, to assembling small packs or complex high-voltage EV packs and testing them
  • We are experts and handle all shipping, customs, and dangerous goods requirements worldwide with delivery to your door

Quality and lowest prices

We provide only the best batteries at the best prices. All our batteries are guaranteed authentic. We do our own testing to make sure we only sell the highest quality Grade A cells from manufacturers like Panasonic, Panasonic-Sanyo, Sony, Samsung SDI and LG Chemical. 

If you require other brands like Chinese or lower Grade cells we can also provide them in a transparant matter with testing reports and cycle life guarantee.

    We do all the heavy lifting for you

    We spend considerable time sourcing the very best batteries for distributors, and manufacturers. Since 2014 our supply-chain has only grown stronger and we are confident in the quality the materials we provide our clients.

    Understanding the intricacies of lithium-ion, carefully testing and verifying batteries, and establishing direct relationships with industry leaders like Panasonic, LG, and Samsung are steps we have taken that put us far ahead of our competitors.

    Who are we?

    We are a US company mainly operating in China and Hong Kong. Battery Bro is a division of Jetworks Trading LLC, USA.

      How do I buy batteries from Battery Bro?

      1. Browse our up-to-date Catalog
      2. Place an order online
      3. Check your email for confirmation

      Are you interested in purchasing 10,000 or more cells, need custom packs, or have other special requests? Please Contact us.