Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions about Battery Bro. If you think a question should be added to this list please contact us and let us know.

What is an 18650 battery?

An 18650 battery is the most promising and popular commodity-type cylindrical lithium-ion cell which finds its use in everything from laptop packs, electric vehicles, to personal vaporizers and space rovers.

Are we Chinese?

No. The co-founders of Battery Bro are American and Swiss. However we hire staff from all over the world, including team members in Hong Kong, China Mainland, and the Philippines. We like to think we have the costs of the Asian wholesaler with the vision of a silicon-valley startup.

Why did you make Battery Bro?

The future of humanity rests in the world's ability to store and discharge energy efficiently. It is the perfect time to step in and provide high-quality, authentic power for new technologies like drones, vapes, and electric vehicles. There are far too many counterfeit lithium-ion batteries and information is inaccessible. We wish to facilitate improving energy storage by combating fake batteries and publishing clear, accessible information. 

Why should I switch to Battery Bro, I already have a good supplier?

Because you shouldn't settle for less. Once a battery is found to be faked, have specifications exaggerated, or under-performs, your customer will likely try a competitor's product instead. If you are racing, fishing, or competing to be the top in your space, having Grade A batteries makes all the difference. And if your products will be used near people, safety is absolutely paramount and can only be guaranteed with authentic cells.

We stand behind the batteries we sell.

  • We are laser-focused in providing only the best, 100% authentic, Grade A cells
  • We are dedicated to providing efficient, effective free consulting
  • We are often cheaper because of our close relationship with manufacturers in Asia
  • Our policy is to be transparent, honest, and open

How does Battery Bro work?

If you are in the US, you can purchase our most popular batteries direct from our warehouse in California. For everyone else in the world, the minimum order quantity is 50 batteries and we can ship to you via air or sea freight. Purchase with credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer. For larger orders or custom battery packs we work closely with our clients every step of the way through email, phone, and video conferences.

Update: We are now offering PostNord Shipping for small quantity orders with a minimum quantity of only one cell to over 70 countries. 

What is the best battery for electronic cigarettes?

Currently (as of April 2016) it is the LG HG2.

What other services do you offer?

We also do on-site factory inspections, quality-control, and build custom lithium-ion battery packs.

Do we ship outside of the US?

Yes! We ship worldwide to all countries except those like Iran which are sanctioned by the UN. We offer freight by air or freight by sea, depending on the project. 

How can we provide such low prices?

We are a group of Americans located in Hong Kong. We have years of experience and the relationships or “guanxi” needed to bring you factory-direct pricing. Our established logistics accounts means you never have to worry about goods arriving or paying more than you have to.

Do we sell to individuals?

No, we strictly sell B2B to businesses and industrial manufacturers.

Where are we located?

Staff of Battery Bro are located all around the world. We stock batteries in our warehouses in Hong Kong and in California, USA.

What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is typically 50 batteries, however for certain models that are not readily in production we may request an MOQ of 5,000 or higher. Custom electrolyte and battery chemistry or shape requires a purchase of 50,000 cells or more.

Update: We now offer PostNord shipping for small quantity orders at an MOQ of 1 to over 70 countries.

What kind of batteries do you sell?

We are laser focused on only selling lithium ion rechargeable batteries. We focus on the commodity cylindrical type - 18650s, but also supply other sizes like 26650, coin cells, and pouch cells.

What is so special about lithium ion?

Lithium ion is a relatively new battery type that is fueling the rechargeable revolution. It has a very high-energy density, a long cycle life, and is now very safe for manufacturers to use.