What is the best alternative to the VTC5? February 10 2015, 0 Comments

This is a question we get asked a lot so I thought I would make a short blog post to help answer the question. First, let's take a quick look at the VTC5 and compare it to the Samsung 25R "smurf", the LG HE2, and LGHE4.

Specs from Best 18650 Battery

Capacity (mAh)
Discharge (A)
Sony US18650VTC5 NMC 2500 20 2013
Samsung INR18650-25R INR 2500 20 2013
LG ICR18650HE2 ICR 2500 20 2013
LG ICR18650HE4 ICR 2500 20 2013



NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt) -  NMC was developed in 2008 for being safer and having a higher density than predecessors. Unfortauntely they require cell balancing and protection.

INR (Lithium Manganese Nickel Round Cell)

INR is a hybrid chemistry derived from the IMR type of battery -, the INR has added a nickel component with the purpose of making it safer. These batteries are generally regarded as the safest for vaping. They are specialized in delivering high current.

ICR (Lithium Cobalt Round Cell)

ICR is the most common type of li-ion chemistry and generally have higher capacities.

Capacity & Amp Discharge & Year

All four of these batteries have identical capacity ratings, so they will run for the same amount of time. The same is true for amp discharge. You might have also noticed they all came out in the same year - 2013.

What other factors should you consider?

  1. Authenticity. The VTC5 is the most counterfeited cell so it should be avoided.
  2. The Samsung 25R has tested at having the longest cycle life
  3. The Samsung 25R data sheet has published official data on pulse discharge ratings
  4. LG Chem cells are generally regarded as slightly lower-quality and cheaper than Samsung SDI after they moved their battery production to China

In conclusion to "What is the best alternative to the VTC5?: 

All these reasons have led Battery Bro to recommend the Samsung 25R as the best alternative to the VTC5.