Shipping Small Quantity Orders

Tracking your order (new)

We are working on an easy way for customers to track their orders directly from Battery Bro. Please visit the new Track your order page to test it out.

Just input your order number from any carrier and receive tracking details. Please let us know if you experience any problems or your order is not appearing.

PostNL Standard Worldwide 30-day Sea-Freight

  • Used for small quantity orders
  • Low-price*
  • Worldwide availability

PostNL is a large shipping conglomerate headquartered in Sweden - and have shipped over 130 million parcels in 2015 alone. Battery Bro now uses PostNL to ship international small quantity lithium-ion batteries from our warehouse in Asia to nearly every country in the world.

 Battery Bro - PostNord Regular Shipping Times

  Country Est. Delivery Time (Days)
Asia Korea 19 – 23
Japan 14 – 27
Europe Czech Republic 12 – 20
France 13 – 23
Germany 15 – 24
Netherlands 16 – 24
Spain 21 – 25
Ukraine 27 – 43
The United Kingdom 11 – 25
Turkey 12 – 23
Russia 24 – 36
North America The United States 15 - 21
Canada 22 – 34
South America Brazil 30 – 40
Oceania New Zealand 20 – 32


*Prices are calculated on-demand on the checkout page based on weight and location.

USA Only - USPS (3-5 Day) First-class mail

USPS first-class mail is available for small packages of 18650 batteries which are currently stocked in our California warehouse. This enables customers in the US who want lower quantity orders to get Grade A cells in as little as 3 days. 

USA Only - Free Shipping (48 States + DC)

This shipping offer is limited-availability and limited geographically to the US states.

We offer free ground shipping to the US from our warehouse in California on select products. We use major providers such as Fedex, UPS, and USPS to fulfill these orders.

Expected delivery time is between 2 to 7 business days.

When choosing this shipping option you will not be charged any additional shipping fees at checkout.