Battery Safety Booklets


To see what's included in the booklet, take a look at our 18650 battery safety infographic

For retailers selling 18650 batteries:

Prevent accidents before they happen.

Instantly increase battery sales and protect yourself from liability with 18650 safety booklets.

Customers ignorant to battery safety are not likely to purchase batteries or upgrade to MODs which require 18650s.

You, the store owner can show your customers your shop cares about their safety.

Simple bundle our safety booklets with the batteries you sell.

  • Reduce your liability and prevent things from going wrong in the first place.
  • Your customers will see you as an authority and source of information and are happy when you give them free, useful stuff.
  • In 2010, a vapor shop was sued for one million dollars when an 18650 battery exploded in a customer's pocket. A safety book could have prevented this and protected the retailer from a lawsuit.
  • It is called a "negligent failure to warn" when you sell a product that presents reasonable foreseeable harm.
  • So make sure you get some for your shop!

Get 50 free safety booklets with your first purchase of just 10 batteries or more.

All info in the book is accurate and we guarantee your customers will love them. Our batteries are authentic, Grade A cells.